Evaluation of Areas under Conservation in the Socio Bosque Project

Evauation Socio Bosque

Evaluation of Areas under Conservation in the “Socio Bosque” Project

In 2012, Cardno Latin America evaluated the areas under conservation of the “Socio Bosque” program, established by the Ecuadorean Ministry of Environment to conserve pristine forest areas in rural areas. The evaluation focused on the areas that entered the pilot program from 2008 to October 2011, and consisted in determining a sample size with 90% confidence rate, and performing cartographic modeling where physical, biotic and socioeconomic variables were assessed to determine the priority areas for the monitoring. This monitoring was divided into two stages: 1) Field phase, which included visits to conservation areas where control points were determined. These points were the basis for the analysis, and were used in the digital classification using satellite images (Rapid Eye with resolution of 5 My Aster with resolution of 15 m) and to perform the supervised classification of vestal cover; 2) Cabinet phase, which was carried out only in areas with access difficulty or those that presented physical risk for the monitors. The final part of the project included training the “Socio Bosque” staff in the established evaluation methodology.