Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Agriculture, fisheries and forestry are the backbone of most economies around the world, providing global sustenance, food security and livelihood opportunities to rural and urban populations throughout the world.

For the sustainable, environmentally-conscious management of the systems, our team provides expertise in a broad range of disciplines and integrated services that help to:

› Improve policy, trade and regulatory practices
› Address input supply constraints
› Boost the productivity and competitiveness of owner-occupied 
› Engage communities and smallholder farmers
› Improve access to capital, technology and skills
› Encourage investment and assist in the design of appropriate transport, storage and marketing infrastructure
› Assist in improving land and water management
› Support the management of agricultural research and the dissemination
› Implement sustainable and energy-efficient technologies
› Increase the biodiversity and ecological health

Our professionals use knowledge from other sectors – such as environment and natural resource management  and water resource management  to advise national and local governments, NGOs, public and private entities, as well as farmers and their communities in the following subsectors.