Cardno Entrix Labor Committee 2019-2020

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On September 20, 2019, the employees and employers held elections for leadership positions within the company’s Labor Committee, 2019 - 2020 period.
Employees voted for their representatives, whom will be in charge of communicating their needs and requirements to senior management, as well as to the human resources department, in order to improve working conditions, companionship and teamwork.

Members of the Labor Committee on behalf of the Employees

Similarly, the senior management chose their representatives on behalf of the employers. These reps will work together with the employee representatives to meet the needs and requirements that arise during Committee’s meetings and daily work activities.

Members of the Labor Committee on behalf of the Employers

In accordance with the provisions of Ecuadorean legislation, Executive Decree 2393 - Regulation of Occupational Health, Safety, and Work Environment, Art. 14, the functions assumed by the members of the labor committee include the following:

a) Promote compliance with the provisions on occupational risk prevention.
b) Analyze and comment on the Internal Regulations of Safety and Hygiene of the company.
c) Perform the general inspection of buildings, facilities and equipment of the work centers, recommending the adoption of the necessary preventive measures.
d) Examine the results of the investigations carried out by specialized organizations, on occupational accidents and diseases, which occur in the company.
e) Conduct monthly sessions, at minimum.
f) Execute risk prevention campaigns, ensuring that all workers receive adequate training in this area.
g) Analyze the working conditions in the company and ask its managers to adopt or improve on existing Hygiene and Workplace Safety measures.
h) Monitor compliance with these regulations and the Internal Occupational Safety and Health regulations.