10 Field Photos to Celebrate Earth Day 2019

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Through our work, Cardno Latin America aims to protect the environment and conserve it for future generations.
That’s why, to celebrate this year’s Earth Day, we are sharing some of the field photos our collaborators have captured in the past year. These photos capture the beauty and diversity of our planet and serve as a reminder of why we should work to protect it.

1. Gunther’s Banded Treefrog - Boana fasciata, Photo by Katherine León


2. Crested QuetzalPharomachrus antisianus, Photo by Santiago Varela



3. A rainbow lights up the sky in Tarapoa, Ecuador, Photo by Salomé Maldonado


4.  Jewel Wasp – Vespidae hymenoptera, Photo by Erika Enríquez


5. Golden TanagerTangara arthus, Photo by Christian Andrade


6. Velvety Fruit-eating BatEnchisthenes hartii, Photo by Silvia Jami


7. Rio Santiago Poison FrogExcidobates captivus, Photo by Silvia Jami


8. Golden-Mantled Howling MonkeyAlluata palliata, Photo by Katherine León


9. Red-throated Wood LizardEnyalioides rubrigularis, Photo by Katherine León


10. Western terrestial snake - Erythrolamprus epinephelus, Photo by Gabriela Echeverría-Vaca