Safety, Health and Environment in the Oil and Gas Industries

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The first workshop organized by the Latin American Drilling Safety Association (LADS), “Introduction to Safety, Health and Environment in the Oil and Gas Industries,” took place this past April at the Central University of Ecuador campus in Quito.
The event received the support and sponsorship of outstanding oil companies and service providers for the hydrocarbon sector, such as: Halliburton, Repsol, Shushufindi Consortium, Tuscany, Schlumberger, Tecpetrol, Sertecpet, Orion Energy and Baker Hughes. It also counted with the participation of students and faculty members from the School of Geology, Mining, Oil and Environmental Engineering from the Central University of Ecuador.

What is LADS?

LADS is a non-profit association, founded in 2004, with the mission to improve performance in industrial safety, occupational health, environment, and social and community practices. It is composed by exploration and production operators, drilling companies, and service providers directly related to operations within the oil and gas industries.
Currently, LADS has representations in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

Cardno’s Presence at the Workshop

Cardno participated as a sponsor and presented a keynote by Miguel Aleman, Division Manager and Technical Director at Cardno Latin America. His talk explored the following subjects:

  • The Ecuadorian Environment Legislation, with an emphasis in the Environmental Code
  • The Environmental Economy
  • The Ecologic Economy
  • Environmental Risks: superficial water, subterranean water, soil, air, flora and fauna
  • Occupational Health Risks

Cardno Entrix is currently part of LADS and Miguel Aleman acts as an administrator. His involvement focuses on internal and external communication as well as the association’s finances.