Cardno Entrix Supports Amazon Communities

In collaboration with our clients— the Shushufindi Consortium, Petroamazonas EP and Schlumberger— Cardno Entrix contributed towards improving young students’ education in the Dayuma community of the Ecuadorean Amazon region. Through our clients, Cardno donated computer equipment and furniture benefiting the Dayuma Educational Unit, San Miguel Basic Education Public School, and the Jose Maria Egas School, among others.

In February, the donations were formally given to each school, with the biggest event being on February 27 in the Dayuma Educational Unit. Our collaborator, Andrea Canchingre— administrative assistant of the Cardno office in the Amazon region in Shushufindi—alongside our clients’ representatives, school administrators, teachers, parents and students attended the happy event where 10 computers were placed.

Our collaborator, Andrea Cachingre, formally donates 10 computers to the Dayuma Educational Unit on February 27th, 2019.

Representatives from Cardno Entrix, Schlumberger, Petroamazonas and the Shushufindi Consortium, school administrators and students at the Dayuma Educational Unitl on Feb. 27, 2019.

Students at the Jose Maria Egas School in Dayuma

 Students at the San Miguel Basic Education Public School in Dayuma

With this small act, Cardno Entrix is happy to partake in this opportunity to make a difference in the education of these children, and hopes to continue to do so.