10 Field Photos to Celebrate Earth Day

In our work, Cardno Latin America aims to protect the environment and conserve it for future generations.

To celebrate this Earth Day, we share some of our field work photos that best demonstrate the beauty and diversity of our planet. 


1. Glass Frog (Nymphargus posadae)


2. Ichthyofauna sampling in the Ecuadorian Amazon


3. Amazon wood lizard (Enyalioides laticep)


4. Miller's monk saki monkey (Pithecia milleri)


5. Black-headed Parrots (Pionites melanocephalus)


6. Brown four-eyed opossum (Metachirus nudicaudatus)


 7. White-booted racket-tail (Ocreatus underwoodii)


 8. Small-eyed toad-headed pitviper (Bothrops microphthalmus)


 9. Rufescent screech owl (Megascops ingens)


10. Water quality monitoring conducted by our field technician, Franklin Taco, in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Learn more about how Cardno Latin America protects the planet in last year's Earth Day post.