7 Ways Cardno Latin America Protects the Earth

Melanie Aleman

Cardno Latin America is focused on environmental conservation and sustainable development through high standards of social and environmental responsibility. We work with clients to design and implement corporate responsibility policies, as well as help them adhere with their environmental management plans and standards enforced locally, internationally, or both.

As one of the biggest environmental consultancies in Ecuador, Cardno Latin America has pioneered sustainable best practices in various sectors. In a region in which employment and basic infrastructure are still needed in many areas, we support sustainable development that benefits communities, but that protects our environment as well. 

Cardno protects the environment in Latin America through the following:

  • Conducting comprehensive environmental and social impact studies that analyze all potential impacts to air, water, soil, vegetation, wildlife, and communities;
  • Designing and operationalizing environmental management plans that aim to eliminate or minimize negative impacts;
  • Establishing biodiversity and environmental monitoring programs that assess the well-being of native and/or endemic populations;
  • Developing strategies to improve biodiversity well-being, such as wildlife rescue and relocation programs;
  • Implementing reforestation, ecological restoration and environmental remediation efforts that promote environmental health, biodiversity conservation and sustainable business practices;
  • Conducting audits that assess environmental performance and helps clients improve;
  • Furthering investigation, scientific know-how and innovative methods and techniques that support environmental conservation.

Our work in Latin America prioritizes the environment, and as such has been critical for sustainable development. This Earth Day, we reflect on the work we’ve done—and that we will continue to do—to protect our planet.